Fat Tuesday in New Orleans

We couldn't celebrate the Mardi Gras holiday without going to New Orleans. We thought it was going to be too cold for Shalom, but it was a beautiful day and Mike had the day off so we just had to go. Sarah and Kip were still there so we met up with them at her parents' house early in the morning to drive together to St. Charles Street where the parade was held. We were able to park right next to the parade at the church parking lot. Some people from church provided a bunch of food. It was so nice to walk back and forth across the street to the parade. It was definitely more family oriented than other parades have been. I loved it. It was perfect. It was great to spend that time with Michael because we don't get to spend time like this together much.

We couldn't leave Roxy out. She has definitely become part of our family.

The baby and Sarah were like my lucky charms. Whenever the floats would stop, she would go up to one and ask the people in the float for a stuffed animal or really cool beads. As soon as they saw the baby, they gave us something really cool. Thank you Auntie Sarah!

Roxy's first Mardi Gras. I'm not sure if she enjoyed it or not.....maybe it was all the beads around her neck. :)

Shalom's first Mardi Gras and many more to come. Thank goodness I had her in my wrap to shield her from all the cigarette and barbecue smoke. She loves being in that thing. Whenever I would open up the wrap to show the baby, I felt like I was getting ready to flash them. It was kind of funny.


The Stott's said...

Oh I have been checking and re checking your blog waiting for a post! It's so hard to find time now isn't it? I really make it a priority for both my mom and Thads. They miss Avee so bad! It's hard on all of us. I just talked to Ema today and she didn't make it out to see you guys? I'm sorry...

She is so cute! Oh yeah, are you still on the no dairy diet? If so you should be taking a calcium supplement. I told Em to tell you, but I'm not sure if she did.