Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was kind of quiet compared to the past Christmases. The past two years we've gone up to Shreveport to celebrate, but this year all the kids came down to my parents' house in Sunset (in between Lafayette and Opelousas). Not all of us kids were there at the same time of course; otherwise, it would have been a crazy house. Nathan, Scott, Brent and their families came down at the beginning of the Christmas week. Scott and his family left Tuesday to spend time in Kansas where Tracey's family lives. Nathan and his family left Wednesday to have Christmas with Jenny's family in Shreveport, and Brent and his family stayed until the end of the week. Mike and I came in early Wednesday night; so we got to see Nathan and them for a little bit before they left. And, Amy and her family came in late that same night to stay until the end of the week. It was sad not being able to have all of us together, but it was still so good to have most of the family together at a time and to spend time with everyone.

I'm glad I got to see Scott and Tracey before Christmas. They were so nice to drive to Baton Rouge to see our new addition to our family. (I'm so glad I decided to have the baby on the 17th instead of the 22nd so all the family could see her before Christmas and so I could have a nice, relaxing Christmas week).

A week before Christmas my dad got knee surgery. Pretty much the whole Christmas week he was out of it. We all felt so bad. He loves the holidays and celebrating it with us. It just wasn't the same. He is usually the life of the party. I'm just glad after all these years he finally decided to get it done and he can be a little more active without so much stress on his knee.
With all of the families together in one place, there are more dogs in one place. There were my parents' three dogs plus all the rest of our dogs; so there were seven dogs in the house. The dogs just gravitated towards my dad. They were around him all the time. It was cute and a little obnoxious at the same time.

Brooke just didn't know what to think about all of these dogs surrounding her.

Some of the cousins together. Brooke, Anna Beth, Rylan, and Shalom. They all look so cute!

I couldn't resist putting Shalom in her stocking! She is too precious!

We couldn't resist getting Roxy a big, huge bone for Christmas. She is still chewing on it. It was so big, Posey thought Roxy needed a little help with it.