Shalom Brielle Billings

We went into the hospital on the 16th at 10 pm so I could be induced and have her some time the next day. I wanted to get a picture of me before all the pain started. I look like I have no idea what I was in for. haha.

Mike got a picture of me while I was in major pain. I look so miserable. It was different experiencing what it was like as a patient since being in nursing school I'm used to taking care of the patient not being the patient. It almost felt like getting the IV was a little more painful than the contractions. I squeezed the heck out Mike's hand. They gave me Ambien so I could sleep in case I was a little anxious during the night. I woke up around 5 am and had Mike rub my back because it was starting to hurt. I soon realized that I was having contractions. I started to have every 2 minutes. I quickly went from 2 cm to 6 cm in 2 hours. The night shift nurse asked me if I wanted the epidural but I was like, "I think I can handle it for a little longer." The morning shift nurse came in soon after and asked me I wanted to and this time I was like, "Yeah, I definitely want it." After receiving the epidural, it's almost as if I went straight from 6 cm to 9 cm to 10cm! The doctor really didn't think I would have her so soon. She thought I would have her around 4 pm. She came to my room out of breath ready to deliver the baby because she was definitely ready to come out. And she came out at 9 am on the dot!

I kind of wanted my mom in the room because I wanted some of her support. She called Mike around 8 am (thinking that she would have plenty of time to drive from Lafayette to help me along with the labor process), but Mike's like, "She is about to have her any minute." He told my mom to get back in the house and get on the internet to get on skype video to watch it to be somewhat a part of it. His mom from Hawaii got to watch some of the labor and then my mom got to watch the last part of my labor. It kind of worked out perfect because it was just us two in the room with our moms able to watch and see parts of it through a skype video chat. (The computer was at the north end.)

After four or five pushes she was out! I was still a little out of it from the Ambien. At one point I was like, "Is is supposed to be this easy?" The epidural definitely made the experience better. (My original birth plan of wanting to do it natural and have a water labor was out the window once I decided to be induced. Oh well.) I am so blessed to not have had a difficult labor. The whole process was smooth and fast with not as much pain as anticipated.

It was so surreal to see her and hold her.

It was so nice to have my mom make it. I really wish my dad could have made it, but he just had knee surgery that Monday and is still in a lot of pain and not doing so good. My mom's so sweet. She brought Sparkling White Grape Juice and wine glasses to celebrate and other goodies for us.

It was nice to have Sarah arrive soon after my mom arrived.

Michael's family came soon after Sarah did. It was so nice to have everyone come visit and a little surreal especially after having not even 2 hours earlier. Michael's dad seemed super exicted. She is his first grandbaby!

Our first night as parents....CRAZY! (I wouldn't recommend sharing a hospital bed; not the best idea.)


momof5monkeys said...

Wow! She is just gorgeous! Way to go! You are awesome, Melanie! 5 pushes is unheard of for a first baby. Congratulations and enjoy your new adventure!

bs thayne said...

Congratulations you two (now three)! She is a beauty. We love her name.

Costi said...

i'm so happy it all went so smoothly! you deserve it!
love you and can't wait to meet shalom!

Jill_ums said...

Congratulations! She is an adorable baby! Where did you get her name? I love it!

mel said...

thank you every one. i got the name shalom from i girl i remembered in my 3rd grade class. i heard the name brielle when we were in hawaii. both names happen to have hebrew origins