I wish I would have taken more pictures during our Thanksgiving weekend. We had so much fun visiting with family it's easy to forget about the camera. We had Thanksgiving at my parents' house in Sunset (10 minuts north of Lafayette), and Michael's family from Shreveport came down to stay and visit too. Scott, Tracey, and their son, Bryce, also came down to celebrate Thanksgiving. We definitely had a full house, but it was nice to visit with everyone. It was different not having Thanksgiving dinner with my mom. She was in Utah helping her parents and visiting with all of her brothers and their families. I really missed her wheat rolls. She makes the best rolls. I love it when she leaves some dough left over and fries it and puts honey on top.....mmmmmmhhh soooo good! I missed her cooking overall. I think Tracey, Leilani, and I did a pretty good job.

I'm used to my mom deboning the turkey, but this time I did it. I now appreciate all the work she goes through to debone it. It is definitely not fun. Tracey got this picture of me. My belly could not look any bigger. It looks my belly is making my butt stick out too. haha

Roxy is so sweet when she is sleeping. I love it when she falls asleep right next to me.


Mark, Nicole and the kids said...

i love your mom's rolls! they are they best! I must have eaten a million of them growing up. Love you! Where are the baby pictures?