Waimea Bay with Yanni and Nelly

We took Nikki's kids, Yanni and Nelly, out to Waimea Bay (my favorite beach) to enjoy the beach some more before their school started. We had so much fun hanging out with them.

There is a tunnel underneath the big rock. Michael and I would have fun swimming through it every time we would go there. This is me swimming out of it. (It's a little tricky coming out because there are people jumping off the rock where you come up.)

Michael and Nelly in the toilet bowel. (I think this is such a cute picture of them.) We call this little cave a "toilet bowel" because the water will rush in the cave and pull you in and then push you out.

We had fun burying each other in the sand. We made Michael into a pretty mermaid and me into a pregnant mermaid.