Maunawili Falls...Again!

We pass by this little mountainous island every time we drive South down the island. They call it Chinaman's Hat.

Always waiting on my dad. He was the last one ready to start the hike.

We had to cross a number of streams. Not once did my dad ask for help. He did awesome with one bad knee.

Sarah and Kip did great on the hike, especially after Kip still feeling a little sick.

You can't tell, but my dad is jamming to his headphones. You can't help but laugh.

I can never get a shot of Mike smiling right. He always has to do some crazy face. I kept trying to take the picture really fast....it didn't work. He's so retarded. :)

It was so fun going back to the waterfall and jumping off again. (It's a small jump.) Mike jumped off all of the cliffs tons of times. It was kind of fun just watching him. I tried to get my parents to jump off, but they didn't want to. They were plenty satisfied jumping off the rock at Waimea Bay. We finally got to Sarah to jump off though.

My parents did pretty awesome! I was so proud of both of them for finishing that hike. I totally remembered it being kind of easy. I forgot about all of the steep steps and difficult streams to go through. It was all worth it though. This was our last hike and last full day in Hawaii; not a bad way to spend it.


Costi said...

you've gotta be the most active pregnant girl on the face of the earth! i love your belly by the way