Bonfire at Chailoh's

We hosted a bonfire at Chailoh's house later on Sunday night. We wanted to show our gratitude to all our friends we met for all the great help they have been in making our experience so wonderful in Hawaii. Chailoh was so nice to let us use her house on the beach to have the bonfire.

We really enjoyed getting to know Chailoh. She is the sweetest person you'll meet. She seems to always be so positive and cheerful. She cleans condos at Turtle Bay, and let us stay in two of them while everyone else was here. She also coaches gymnastics, and Mike really enjoyed helping her a few times.

Summer was so fun to get to know. I wish we could have been able to do more stuff Summer!

These girls are so cute. It was fun getting to know them.

Thad (Summer's husband) and Michael showing us the right way cook a hotdog in the fire.

We met Mark, Terry, and their daughter Isla through Chailoh at the 4th of July barbeque. We got to know them a lot more as we all helped Don and Alison finish their theater.

We met Don and Alison also through Chailoh at her 4th of July barbeque. They told us they were opening up a theater, and we decided to stop by one day after that just to see the progress. We ended up putting ourselves to work helping them finish up in time for their opening. It was a lot of fun getting to know them and everyone else that helped out.


Anonymous said...

Hey I am trying to get a hold of Chailoh, we went to school together. My name is Zach Harris. Do you have an email or number i can get a hold of her? My email is zharris@hotmail.com. It would be really nice to get a hold of her. Thanks. Zach