Sherwood Park

Last Friday, I took my friends'(April and Emily) girls to the park: Callie, Cara, Austy, and Taylor. That means I had 6 kids in the car. It was my first time putting 6 kids in my car. This is one of the reasons I like having a big car. I get to take my girls and their friends to the park or wherever else. It looked crazy, but it was pretty fun. We don't usually go to this park, so once we got there they were all over the place! Not too long after we got there, they all had to go to the bathroom while one already wet her pants. This park is great except for the bathroom is clear across the field. It felt like forever for us to get to the bathroom, and it turned out that I wouldn't even want my dog to do her business in there it was so disgusting! So...I helped them all pop a squat, and, of course, I had to go!
Austy, Callie, and Shalom



Eden and her friend, Ruby.  My friend, Debbie, babysits her.

Eden trying to stand up for a while.

Shalom decided she would eat an apple (without Nutella) since Austy was eating one.