Easter Sunday

After church, we spent Easter Sunday at my friend Debbie's house. She hid some eggs in the park across the street from her house for Shalom to find. She also had the table set up for Shalom and her girls to decorate Easter eggs. And, she prepared Easter dinner. She really went above and beyond. It was so fun to watch Shalom get excited about looking for Easter eggs and finding the surprises inside.
Easter egg hunting!
She set all her eggs in a row.  (She's really so neat with her toys.)

I love how she's trying to make Eden look up.

She loves her daddy!

Don't want to leave out Roxy.  ;)

Shalom dyeing her eggs.

Our sweet little angel!

I just couldn't keep up after a long day the day before.  Mike joked that I have fallen asleep the past two holidays too:  Christmas and Thanksgiving.