I Love My Girls

At her 6 month check-up...all smiles before the shots  :(
My sweet cuddle buddy!
Eden with her friend, Ruby, just a few weeks apart.
She loves laying on Roxy!
She is seriously so smiley all the time!
I can finally leave Eden in the bedroom with Shalom for a little so I can get some stuff done.  Shalom is constantly learning how to share her (or their toys rather) with Eden.  (Roxy is always right by the girls when they're playing...too sweet!)
Loving her jumper!
She is such a happy baby!
Eden loves taking baths, especially with Shalom!
Crawling (at 7 1/2 months) with her friend, Ruby.
Again, such a happy girl!
She loves her daddy!
She is already able to pull herself up to stand while in this tub.  I have to watch her like a hawk!
Shalom shouting that she is super girl! This is our little backyard. It's not worth trying to have grass in this desert so we put astroturf down...at least it's always green and we don't have to maintain it.
 Shalom thinks she is helping Daddy spread out the dirt, and in the process throws it in his face.
 Shalom reading her bool about Ariel, her favorite princess. She basically has it memorized but still. I'm a proud mommy!


Laura said...

Mel, she is getting so big! I hardly recognize her from the newborn we saw so many months ago. She looks like such a happy baby :) Hopefully, we'll get to see you guys soon.