Rocky aka "One-Eye"

So it's certainly been a while since I last blogged. About three or four months ago, Mike decided to bring home another dog while I was out of town...without discussing it with me. Needless to say I wasn't too happy...at all! But, you have to learn to "roll with it" in a marriage...right?! Mike found Rocky on craigslist...gotta love craiglist! This family had him for 5 years and wanted to give him a new home because they couldn't take care of him anymore. Personally, I could never give up my dog after 5 years. Who does that?!

So, not even a week after having him we leave to go somewhere and didn't realize that Rocky had somehow slipped out the front door. We came home and there was no Rocky. We looked around the neighborhood...couldn't find him. I was thinking it was a Christmas miracle, but Mike called the pound and somebody had turned him in after getting hit by a car. He ended up having a bad limp on one side and his left eye bulging out. It was so pitiful. He ended up having to get his eye taken out, hence "One-Eye."

Mike also got the dog thinking that Roxy would have a playmate, but he just sits around; so that was too bad. And, we were so glad that he is good around Shalom. He just lets her sit on top of him all the time.

Although he can be sweet sometime in his own way, he can get a bit of a temper. And, last night he let it out on Mike at our picnic. He bit his hand pretty bad. Right then, Mike decided that we shouldn't keep him anymore. I honestly feel bad for that dog and Mike. He was kind of Mike's little buddy, and I think Rocky was getting better taken care of by us than the previous owners. I certainly won't miss taking him on walks anymore, or his snoring, or his stench. He will be missed though. He certainly brought a new dynamic into our home.