Conference Weekend

Conference weekend Brent and Laura came in from Dallas to visit for a few days. There's not a whole lot to do in Lafayette and New Orleans is too far so Friday we all went to the zoo in Baton Rouge. We must have come at a good time because we almost had the place to ourselves. It was fun to see Shalom and Annabeth enjoy all the animals, especially the tiger. She had mixed emotions.

Just looking at the tiger.

All the sudden she got scared of the tiger and wanted grandma to save her.

Then, she got really excited about the tiger!

Brent and Annabeth with the giraffe. (I wish I would've gotten more pictures of them.)

The next day, Scott and Tracey came in town. While all the boys played golf, us girls played with the kids. We went to Target and the park and later Blue Dog Cafe (a REALLY good cajun restaurant). Before the restaurant, we went to the park, and I got a really good shot of me and Shalom on the swing.

Annabeth wanting to push Shalom in the stroller,

Sunday, we all stayed home to watch the Sunday morning session of conference. I love it when we all get together to watch conference. We usually pig out on food. (And, boy did I! It's like I couldn't stop stuffing my face with food.) Tracey brought some cinnamon rolls and my mom made eggs on toast (an old family tradition breakfast meal). It was a great conference Sunday.

Monday, my dad, Brent, Scott played in a scramble Our Lady of Lourdes golf tournament. My mom was nice enough to take care of Shalom while I played. (I'm sure my mom loved it because she knew she wasn't going to see Shalom all the time like before.) The tournament was pretty fun. We had a PGA golf pro play with our foursome - Mike Gove. I've never heard of him, but he was a really nice guy and a great player. Since we were playing a scramble, I was thinking that they would play most of my drives since I would be teeing off from the ladies tees and my drive is the best part of my game but I didn't have as many good drives as usual. It was pretty cool that they got to use all of my shots on a par 3; that was pretty cool. I had to take a picture of Scott's tee shot on a par 3. His ball was 7 inches from the hole. Needless to say he won closest to the pin.

It was a great weekend. I don't always to get to see my siblings; so it was pretty awesome. Since Mike didn't come up and it was just me, I slept on the couch with Shalom in the office room right close. I didn't hear her screaming in the middle of the night two nights in a row. (I must've been pretty tired.) My dad was so sweet to take care of her and feed her during the night. He could've woken me up, but he just took care of her with my mom's help of course. He almost gave her apple cider instead of apple juice. And, when she didn't want straight formula he put chocolate syrup in with it. Gotta love Big Daddy!

The only thing missing from the whole weekend was Mike. :( He had to work. Boooo!