My Dog Cheers Me Up

I know I post a lot about my dog, but I was looking through my pictures on my camera and remembered how much she cheered me up. I was feeling a really down about school this day last semester. I came home and took her out and just sat outside and let Roxy roam around a few minutes on her own. I heard her making some noise so I had to see what she was doing. I caught her digging a hole. I stared at her and I just had to laugh. She looked so funny and just seemed to be having the best time. At that moment I thought about how glad I was that we have her even though she can stress us out sometimes she can make us laugh and enjoy the little things in life. She was so muddy, but it was worth it.

I caught her digging the hole.

She looked at me like, "Is this okay?"

And then she continued on digging her hole.