We're Having a Girl!

This is a little late because I found out over a month ago, but it was exciting for the both of us to find out together. When we both left Hawaii, I went back to Louisiana (to go to a wedding in Dallas) and Michael went to Washington state to visit family. I had a doctor's appointment the day after I got back. I have been so anxious to find out the sex of the baby. He wanted us to find out together, but he was out of town and I couldn't wait any longer. Luckily through iChat, we found at together at the same time. (He wanted to find out before anyone else because I was bad and told my sister and mom before him that I was pregnant.)

I was really good and didn't look at the monitor during the ultrasound. The technician told me when to look away and then she put the little picture in an envelope. It was so hard not to peak until later on that night.


Layla said...

Yay for little girls! I love that you had a hard time from peeking cause I know I would have had a hard time for sure! I hate surprises :)

abbybrossette said...

Congrats guys!!!!

The Stott's said...

Yay for the girl! I'll bet you are so relieved that it's a girl! ha ha I was at the theater last night and always think of you two when I'm there. Miss you! And yes! Please get some belly pics up ASAP!