My Growing Belly

Well, here it is. I was told to put up a picture of my belly; so here it is! I have reached the 28 week mark or 7 month mark. It's been a pretty good pregnancy so far. I just hate that I can't do some things if I wasn't pregnant like lick cake batter off the spoon or workout like I used to. It's all good though. Whatever it takes to have a healthy baby. :)


Jill_ums said...

I can't believe you are 28 weeks already. You barely look like your pregnant!! Congrats!

The Stott's said...

Yay for the belly pic! It is about time! Watch out. The next couple of weeks your belly is going to start growing like a weed! It's amazing how much it can grow in a few weeks. Keep taking pics so you can compare. They are really fun to go back and look at. I try to take one every Sunday to see how much I've grown. You look great. =)