Diamond Head

My parents are awesome. As soon as they arrived and left the airport form their long trip, we got some lunch and went straight to hike Diamond Head.

My mom's like, "I am leaving all of y'all behind. Y'all are too slow." The stairs were insane. We went up one flight of stairs with 70ish steps and then up another flight with 90ish steps. My dad did really good with a bad knee!

I couldn't resist. It was too funny watching him trying to fit through.

This is the view of Waikiki.

The water is such a pretty blue. It's such an amazing sight!

We were all waiting on my dad to get out of the bathroom. He was checking his email on the pot. haha. He is never away from work I guess.

We all fit in one car so we wouldn't have to pay for 2 cars to park.