Manoa Falls

A couple weeks ago, we went with our new friends, Summer and Thad, on a hike to Manoa Falls. It was a mudd mile and a 1/2 hike up the trail, but it leads up to a beautiful waterfall. You are not allowed to get in the water, and there is not a lot of walking space at the top; so all you can do is hike up take a picture and hike back down pretty much. But, it was still fun.

We later went to Hanauma Bay to go snorkel, but we didn't want to pay $8 a person to park and snorkel; so we drove further down back to the blowhole and played around in the water at that little beach. Then, we took the scenic route back home and found a Little Caesar's. We had to stop! They have the best pizza, and there aren't any in Louisiana. We later went to this yogurt shop. It is the best ever. All different flavors of yogurt with the best toppings like cocoa crispies, kit kat, captain crunch, pieces of cheesecake. It was a fun filled day.

We met Summer and Thad through Michael's mom, and she had been dying for us to meet. She is just a month ahead of me with her first baby so it's been fun talking about pregnancy and babies. They just might tempt me to move here. I don't know?! It would be pretty cool though.


The Stott's said...

You updated your blog! I am totally stealing this pic and putting it on my blog. ha ha Yes, please can you move to Hawaii!? I'm going to be bored out of my mind when you leave. =( Not looking forward to that.