Laie Temple

We went to the temple on Sunday evening to walk around. It's too bad it's being renovated; so we couldn't go in. We walked around the inside of the visitor's center though and watched a really good movie about Joseph Smith.

I love being in and around the temple. It's so peaceful just to walk around. This temple has been one of my favorites since i was a teen.


Costi said...

beautiful pics, i like your new main page pic too.

mel said...

thank you! you're the best! we need to talk some time about going to dallas!

The Stott's said...

Yes I'm glad that we've been hanging out too! It's so fun to meet another couple and get along so fast and easy huh? You are such a cutie! I'm starting to side with your hubby though about you moving to Hawaii! It would be so much fun and we could have our babies here together! Come on! Do it! Do it!