Graduation Party, Etc.

Later on in the day of Mike's mom's graduation, we got invited to a graduation party. Her friend's parents threw a big party, and they were so generous and welcoming. It was so much fun playing by the water in front of their house and dancing to the music.

We had a crazy few days when we first got here with celebrating his mom's graduation throughout the day and helping her pack up all of her stuff to move out. The first few days we were here we slept in a different bed almost every night. His mom had to be out of the apartment so we moved her stuff from one place to another. We tried to have as much fun as we could before she and Titus left for the summer. We got up early in the morning on Tuesday to drive to the other side of the island to swim with the dolphins. These dolphins were a little shy though so we weren't able to get close to them. It was still so much fun just being out there in the water. It's been fun and fast paced since we got here. Now, we are on our own and settling down.