Michael got me an early Christmas present. He had to tell me early because he wanted to know if I liked it or not because he bought it from a lady from craigslist. It's 5 year old triathlon road bike. It's so nice; I love it. I had no idea that he was actually going to get me a bike. He is definitely too good to me. I'm so excited to get fitted for it and use it!

My mom was like, "Well, we got you Rockband. Do you want to keep it here, in Sunset, or open it up in Shreveport?" I'm like, "Gee, thanks. I guess we get an early Christmas." Too bad we didn't get to unwrap it. Oh, well. It's awesome though. We're gonna have so much fun with this.

My mom had an early Christmas too. Michael refinished my mom's grandmother's old chest as her Christmas present. He spent a lot of time on it. I wish I had a picture of what it looked like before. He did a really good job. She was really, really appreciative.


Costi said...

what fun stuff! you go michael! i wanna join the rock band fun!