the whole family together. as you can see, dad is not in the picture. i need to superimpose him in the picture. it takes a whole lot to get us together for a picture and a whole lot more to get us all to smile at the same time and at the same picture. this is as good as it gets.

brent, laura, and their cute little baby annabeth elise. she already seems to be smiling for the camera. the whole family was kind of no where to be found for a group shot.

laura and her precious little baby. i love her hair. i can't wait for it to grow out. it's gonna look so gorgeous.

i had to get a picture with my new little niece. she has so many aunts who would love to take care of her.


laura said...

You are so good! You posted pics even before I did! It was great to see you guys this weekend. You look good with a baby in your arms! =)